Stromlo Forest Park Car Park Changes

Stromlo Forest Park Car Park Changes
Residents of ACT
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Lawder, Nicole
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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
Reason for this Petition

The Bike and trail running enthusiasts of the ACT draw the attention of the Assembly to the Stromlo Forest Park carpark. Firstly, we believe that the proposed carpark design does not currently meet the needs of its users: the car park spacing and the introduction of pay parking will have a negative effect on the user experience for regular patrons and visitors to the complex.

For patrons arriving with bikes on the roof or back of their vehicle, there is not enough space in the parking spots to safely remove their bikes. If children are also present, this space issue only worsens. Currently, the fact that there are no allocated car parks works well for people disembarking from larger vehicles such as utes, vans and motorhomes.

Visitors are also concerned about the possibility of paid parking being introduced at this carpark. Cyclists and runners are out on the trails for hours and the introduction of paid parking would significantly discourage visitors. Recreational outdoor activities such as these positively impact people’s lives and we believe the government should be encouraging these healthy outdoor lifestyle behaviours.

Additionally, for the nearby suburbs, there will be an increase in traffic congestion due to people using the facility parking in residential streets and then riding across to the park.

This facility provides local revenue via other means by providing tourism dollars into the community, there is no need to introduce pay parking to such an iconic sporting location in Canberra.

Requested Actions

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call upon the ACT Government to:

Reconsider the proposed design of the Stromlo Forest Park carpark so that it is more suited for its visitors’ needs;

Ensure that no paid parking arrangements will be introduced.