Parking and urban open space for Gungahlin apartment dwellers and small business owners

Parking and urban open space for Gungahlin apartment dwellers and small business owners
Residents of ACT
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Orr, Suzanne
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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
Reason for this Petition

The following residents of the ACT draw the attention of the Assembly

That there is a serious lack of parking in and around the high-density developments on Swain St, Gribble St and Anthony Rolfe Ave in Gungahlin.

This lack of parking is causing a range of dangerous parking practices. Delivery drivers often have no choice other than to park on the path and it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is injured.

The lack of parking is having a detrimental effect on the small businesses that have recently opened as there is often no available parking for customers

Pedestrian access to Yerrabi pond from Gribble St is dangerous and needs to be improved.

Requested Actions

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to

Call on the ACT Government to consider taking back the undeveloped land at Block 6 Section 88 Gungahlin and make this underground paid parking with urban open space on top - similar to the Barangaroo development in Sydney - for the use of some 1000 apartments in the vicinity. The space could be used for such things as a small dog park or community garden for residents.

Creating such a space would also provide additional parking for those wanting to access Yerrabi pond and aligns with the government's Urban Forest strategy, ACT Climate strategy, Canberra's living infrastructure plan and will help small businesses and the broader community in the area thrive.

Review and improve access to Yerrabi pond for residents

Speak with businesses about reducing parking timeframes and have parking inspectors monitor the area regularly.