Speed reduction and controls for Nullarbor Ave in Harrison

Speed reduction and controls for Nullarbor Ave in Harrison
Residents of ACT
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Braddock, Andrew
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TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
Reason for this Petition

The following residents of the ACT draw the attention of the Assembly to the safety of Nullarbor Avenue in Harrison.

Nullarbor Avenue in Harrison is a suburban street that includes a school, school zone (Harrison School), playing fields (Harrison playing field 1 and 2), the heritage listed Wells Station farmstead and suburban houses. The street is also in proximity to Mother Teresa Primary School and Mullion Park.

The street was originally a cul-de-sac with the opening of the street to Wells Station Drive, the street is seeing higher and higher use and high speed through traffic. This through traffic poses a safety risk to residents, other vehicle users of the street, including bus services, and the large number of community pedestrians such as school children walking along the street to attend school or sporting events.

The high speed through traffic is also causing extra and unnecessary neighbourhood noise, making it difficult for residents living on the street to cross the road, exit and enter their driveways and park. The speed limit for the street is currently set at 60km/h and is without speed controls at the residential end, nearer to Wells Station Drive. The speed is above the standard for ACT governments priority on better neighbourhoods.

Requested Actions

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to call on the ACT Government to reduce the speed of Nullarbor Avenue to 50km/h (maintaining the 40km/h school zones and no trucks policy) and introduce speed controls to increase safety to the community, better the neighbourhood and reduce through traffic of this residential street.