Cease Project Wing Drone Delivery Trial in Bonython ACT

Cease Project Wing Drone Delivery Trial in Bonython ACT
Residents of ACT
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Ms Joy Burch MLA
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Information about the Principal Petitioner is available through the sponsoring Member of the Legislative Assembly's office
TO: The Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
Reason for this Petition

The following residents of Bonython, ACT, draw to the attention of the assembly that:

• We are subject to the Project Wing drone trial in Bonython.
• We were not consulted in a genuine manner about the trial prior to its approval and start up.
• We have no specific and formally established avenue to submit complaint or feedback other than to Project Wing.
• We find that there is no due governance and transparency in overseeing the trial.
• We find this trial subjects us to unacceptable levels of noise, is a gross invasion of privacy and subjects us to unacceptable safety risks.
• We find this trial compromises our right to peace, privacy and a good quality of life (refer to United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 12).

Your petitioners, therefore, request the Assembly to:

• Commit to ceasing commercial drone delivery trials in Bonython and any future trials in the ACT forthwith.
• Acknowledge the impact on residents of commercial drones regularly and frequently flying over our homes and within the suburb.
• Acknowledge our right to peace, privacy and good quality of life, to not fear for our safety and not feel anxious about the possibility of drone accidents.
• Acknowledge the detrimental impact of drones on pets and wildlife.